Sunday, October 1, 2017

Tribute to Prof. Kai Borre

Whilst attending the latest ION GNSS+ conference I had the confirmation that Prof. Kai Borre disappeared this Summer. He has been a very important reference to me, especially in the early stages of my career. I am sure many other radio-navigation, geodesy and DSP engineers will convene with me. I knew him pretty well and I could not find anywhere an epitaph, so I today feel compelled to my leave my tribute to him here and hope others will intimately share my feeling.

Rest in peace Kai. My gratitude, for inspiring me until your very last moment.


DayBlur said...


I'm saddened to hear he has passed. Kai's various books and publications (and of course the EasySuites) have been great references to me over the years. Without knowing him personally, I can still say that his presence will be missed but his influence (professionally and personally) will clearly live on.


Papaya Ong said...

I was doing my literature survey on GNSS on the internet and hit upon this news. I thought i read wrongly. Seem like few bloggers have confirmed this. We have missed a great GNSS expert !