Monday, December 26, 2011

NVS08C-CSM, the first mass market receiver to track Galileo

I would like to report the great work done by NVS which -to my knowledge- is the first Company to produce a mass market single frequency four constellation receiver tracking Galileo.

Figure 1: NVS Storegis displaying simultaneous tracking of GPS, Glonass, and Galileo PRN11 (in yellow).

The receiver was flashed with a custom firmware kindly provided by the manufacturer to us on Boxing Day and was then perfectly able to track GALILEO-PFM (GSAT0101). Elevation and azimuth are -obviously-
not measured as the satellite transmits dummy data and it's therefore marked as unhealthy right now.

Other bespoke versions of the firmware enable tracking of GIOVE A and B or raw observables on all constellations, which shows the potential of this little module.

Another good thing is that the NVS08C-CSM is easily available for purchase through NVS reps as well as here:

Merry Christmas to all the GNSS community!

All the best,