Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It says so...

Today I convolutional decoded the messages sent by PRN127.
Then I used the SBAS teacher to interprete the result and, well, you can see the message 9 yourself.

Fig. 1: "SBAS teacher" (contribute of ESA) to interpret MSG9.

X: 18521754.08 Y: 37836816.64 Z:1649068.8
that is
Lat: 2.24398167 Lon: 63.9174794 Alt: 35781111.72

See the snapshot of the view of the earth from the satellite!

Fig. 2: How actually the PRN127 bird sees the earth.

If my calculations are not wrong, from Nottingham is
Elev: 7.959023 Azim: 108.99077 Distance: 40797572.51

I leave comments to the readers :)

P.S.: Thanks to Massimo and Simone for your precious contributes!