Tuesday, January 26, 2016

uBlox: Galileo, anti-jamming and anti-spoofing firmware

Just downloaded the firmware upgrade for flash-based M8 modules from uBlox.
Flashed it in no time.
The result of UBX-MON-VER is now:

So checked Galileo in CFG-GNSS:

Result :)

Incidentally, there is a "spoofing" flag now as well :O

Don't dare trying this on M8T...

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Ric said...

Hi Michele! I did dare updating a NEO-M8T to 3.01 (just for fun, despite the possible problems). Actually the FW installs nicely and Galileo is tracked, BUT the timing features of the M8T seem to be lost :-(, in particular if you try to fix the position to improve the time solution the setting is ignored, the receiver continues to do a standard position+time estimation. This is quite to be expected I think, but people might want to be aware of it. Cheers! - Ricardo.