Tuesday, September 9, 2014

At ION GNSS+ 2014

To whom it may happen to be in Tampa these days: I will also be around.

Feel free to come and chat!


hello bworld said...

having worked for the last 6-7 months on software decoding of GPS signals, I wish
to extend the usable hardware I am using from the E4k dongle to the R820T dongles I
have bought. However, I am unable to lock any of the 10+ dongles I have ordered (for
educational purposes), the PLL unlocks right below the GPS band (I reliably lock on
1.57 GHz, unreliably on 1.52 GHz with a PLL unlocking after a few seconds, and never
on 1.5742 GHz).

Have you modified the hardware of your dongles ? or the fractional PLL configuration software ?
I am currently using gr-osmosdr or rtl_sdr for recording signals with the E4K whose decoding
works perfectly.

Thank you

Michele Bavaro said...

Well yes I modified a great deal of things, but I can assure you the normal version allows you to acquire and track GPS signals just fine.
How can you say that your PLL unlocks? The R820T is surely able to lock well above 1575.42 MHz so I will need more details to help you, otherwise I am sure you will solve your bug on your own soon.