Friday, December 14, 2012

Full Galileo IOV

After a long wait, it was a pleasure this morning to record the full IOV constellation.

Figure 1: Orbitron prediction of Galileo visibility this morning.
The NV08C-CSM receiver with a R&D firmware could track all 4 IOV Galileo satellites, as well as another 21 SVs between GPS, Glonass, and EGNOS.

Figure 2: NVS Storegis recording NMEA with all 4 IOV satellites.
An excerpt of the log file:


I also turned on my SdrNav00 modified with a 26MHz oscillator and obtained the following:
Figure 3: SdrNav00 signal properties.
Figure 4: SdrNav00 signal power spectrum

Figure 5: Galileo acquisiton on E1b signal.

Galileo pseudoranges were logged by NV08C-CSM and by my SdrNav00, so the next step is to try PVT with the TUM orbits.


pauladam5991 said...

Excellent post the information available here is great.

GPS Tracking System

Darius said...


hzhbr said...

Great job! Michele.I find some quite interesting stuff here.

I have a basic question since I am also working on Galileo IOV signal tracking and navigation message decoding.
These days, I try to decode the E1B Galileo ephemris. After deinterlever and viterbi decoder, I always found the decoded page was a 'alert' page! (page type=1) same for E5b! and CRC fails... and I believe there is nothing wrong with my tracking and decoding because for GIOVE data everything is OK.

I tried the decoded symbols you posted here, CRC passed and TOW can even be extracted....I am wondering if the problem is due to the date I collected my IF data? If so, is it possible for you to post a short Galileo E1 IF data ?



Michele Bavaro said...

Hello Zhe,

GIOVE and Galileo have a slighly different convolutional encoding mechanism (please watch the ICDs carefully). If your code works fine with GIOVE, you're likely to have to use a NOT() port on the second branch of your decoder now.


hzhbr said...

That's the problem!, thanks a lot Michele...I didn't notice this tiny difference....


Amjad Badar said...

Michele Bavaro,

I am uisng denga10 GNSS receiver (V4.1 1213) i updates its firmware version that is (NVS CSM24 0408). I am using BM control software of NVS. using NMEA protocol. In the Main Preference Message PKONI settings there is option for (SNS) Satellite Navigation Systems. There i cannot find the option for Galileo Navigation systems. Please tellme is there any other setting for Galileo System. I saw your post as you received 4 IOV Galileo Satellite Signals.

Michele Bavaro said...


You will have to ask NVS support for the Galileo enabled firmware.