Monday, December 26, 2011

NVS08C-CSM, the first mass market receiver to track Galileo

I would like to report the great work done by NVS which -to my knowledge- is the first Company to produce a mass market single frequency four constellation receiver tracking Galileo.

Figure 1: NVS Storegis displaying simultaneous tracking of GPS, Glonass, and Galileo PRN11 (in yellow).

The receiver was flashed with a custom firmware kindly provided by the manufacturer to us on Boxing Day and was then perfectly able to track GALILEO-PFM (GSAT0101). Elevation and azimuth are -obviously-
not measured as the satellite transmits dummy data and it's therefore marked as unhealthy right now.

Other bespoke versions of the firmware enable tracking of GIOVE A and B or raw observables on all constellations, which shows the potential of this little module.

Another good thing is that the NVS08C-CSM is easily available for purchase through NVS reps as well as here:

Merry Christmas to all the GNSS community!

All the best,


Alejandra Zamora Maciel said...

I just bought a NVS08C-CSM and a Talysman antenna and I have a problem with the output file.
I use the STOREGIS as is show in your image, I get a file .dat and at the moment of convert to RINEX it says that I don't have anything. For convert to RINEX I used "Convert to RINEX" by Trimble and RTKCONV.


Michele Bavaro said...

Storegis is not the right tool in case you want to log RAW observables. Please use RC.EXE. You should be able to download it here: