Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Galileo E5AltBOC tracking in slow motion

Hello everyone,

not grabbed with our "TUNE" boards (the plot would not be as detailed at 61.44Msps) but with our next one I did not write about yet (samples at about 440Msps), here is a basic E5AltBOC pilot signal tracking:

Figure 1: Galileo PRN02 E5AltBOC tracking. Spirent GSS8000 simulator, static scenario, GPS L1, L2, L5, Galileo E1, E5a/b, E6 all in view.

Figure 1: GIOVE-B E5AltBOC tracking. Clear sky conditions, Novatel GPS704-X antenna, static scenario in Nottingham, May the 6th 2010, 00:05 GMT.

These animations are obtained using octave and ffmpeg... at 40x slower motion :)

More to come soon,


Rodriguez said...

Dear Michele,
your developments are very interesting.
When do you think it will be possible to purchase the boards (the TUNE and the "next" one)?The NSL web site shows only the PRIMO at the moment.May I ask you more info on your mail address?
Thank you


Michele Bavaro said...

Hello Filippo,

no probs. Feel free to contact me at

michele dot bavaro at gmail dot com


michele dot bavaro at nsl dot eu dot com

Official sales of the "TUNE" boards will commence when we are sure they are stable and the configuration software will be a bit more "mature".. that could be sometime this summer. For the "next" one, end of 2010 is more likely.

Thank you for the interest,