Sunday, February 1, 2009

An interesting signal modulation

With GIOVE-B, the second satellite of the IOV Galileo constellation, a new modulation is being experimented, the CBOC(6,1,1/11).
With the CPLD version of NSL dongle and a bit of software, I did get the result below.. is not smooth and as beautiful as Septentrio's one (, but it demonstrates some interesting capabilities already.

Fig.1: Tracking the CBOC(6,1,1/11) with a BOC(1,1) replica, a BOC(6,1) replica, and the sum of of the two.

In a couple of week I would like to show something else... let's see.


1 comment:

Andre said...


did you use the MAX2769 in wideband
mode or let it track each glonass
FDMA channel sequetially ?