Friday, April 6, 2007

The SiGe GN3S signal spectrum (bought @

Fig 1: The SiGe GN3S sampler signal spectrum


Jeffer said...

Hi Michele:
I am a research person in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I am very interested in the GPS Software Receiver as well. I see your comment in the SiGe GN3S Sampler's order website. The 600 MB limitation is still a problem to me. You konw, the 600 MB is not enough for many GPS Software Receiver research areas. So I want to consult you kindly: can you resolve this problems? This is my email, you can just email me or contact with the msn (my msn:
I am looking forward your email back, and I hope we can be a friends. Many thanks to you !


w said...

Hello Michele and Jeffer,

I recently acquired the SiGe front-end module to accompany the SDR GPS and Galileo book.

I've taken a few samples, but when I load the data into the software developed by the book's authors, it does not locate any GPS satellites.

I know this could result from many different things, but I was wondering if either of you had difficulty getting it to work correctly at first.

Any suggestions?



Michele Bavaro said...

I'm sorry for such along wait, but I'm not checking this Blog since a lot of time. Actually no, I didn't have many problems in receiving GPS satellites...
I'm sure you changed the reference sampling and intermediate frequency...

The next time please, contact me at my e-mail address (michele.bavaro@) so that I will be able to reply immediately :)


Mauro said...


We have been experiencing a probable malfunctioning of the SiGe GN3S Sampler v2: data seem properly acquired (no SW errors), but no satellite acquisition has been ever performed by using our SiGe Sampler.

Last month (sep 11) we have purchased a SiGe GN3S Sampler v2 from Sparkfun together with the antenna advertised on the same page.

We have been using the matlab code from "A software-defined GPS and Galileo Receiver- A single frequency approach" (Kai Borre) both on a Windows 7 and Windows XP machine

For SiGe version 2 we replaced the .m files contained in the SDR with the updated ones downloaded by the GNSS web site of Colorado University for the processing of the I/Q data and we used the parameters indicated on the same web site : (in order to validate this SW, we have also generated a proper sample IQ file and the SDR properly acquired the GPS satellites we had coded into the IQ file).

Sampling frequency : 8.1838 MHz
Intermediate frequency : 38.400 KHz

Again, all the software runs smooth but no satellites have ever been acquired in a clear sky view (i.e. no trees, no buildings, at Rome-Italy latitude) and the University of Colorado still did not provide any hint to solve the problem.

Could you provide any troubleshooting support?

Michele Bavaro said...

Hi Mauro,

I don't support the SiGe GN3S.

Nevertheless, you didn't provide enough information. For example, did you test the acquisition software with another file (known to work) to rule out a simple configuration problem?

Could you also post a snapshot of the file you are testing or at the very least the spectrum and the histogram of the digital samples?

Best wishes,

P.S.: Might be easier to continue this conversation via e-mail.

Mauro said...

Hi Michele,

Thanks for your reply. My email is
Send me an email to keep in touch and continue the conversation.